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Our Vision

Chaining the thoughts of human and AI

AI 2.0 and Software 3.0

AI and software engineering revolution have brought unprecedented opportunities and demands for limitless innovation and breakthroughs. The current popular chatbots and text-to-image creation are just the tip of the iceberg in this revolution.

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Software Engineering for AI Chain:Vision and Goals

In response to AI 2.0 and Software 3.0, what we need is not just flashy prompts, but also a democritized, convenient AI-powered software engineering infrastructure that allows everyone to participate and truly benefit from AI.

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AI chain methodology, far beyond flashy prompts

Process, Concepts, Activities, and Patterns for AI Chain

We introduce a tailored software engineering methdology that not only upholds the values of traditional software engineering but also expands and innovates to adapt to the changes and technological advancements of the AI 2.0 era.

Sapper Products

No programming and machine learning expertise required

Making Everyone AI Creative Master

prompt sapper is designed to develop AI services of different complexity for different groups of people

Sapper Portal

Sapper Portal showcases the infinite potential and widespread applications of AI technology, demonstrating that our vision is being realized.

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Wen Xiao Jie

AI-Powered Long Articles Personalization

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Qing Xiao Xie

Text generation assistant

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Chun Xiao Xie

Gain inspiration during creative process

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Si Xiao Pin

AI Job Search Assistant

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Xin Xiao Zhu

Your Personal Mental Health Assistant

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Hui Xiao Shi

Create Cultural and Creative Products

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Yun Xiao Juan

Customizing and Compelling Your Quiz-takers

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Ma Xiao Yuan

Your intelligent programming assistant

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About Us

Our passionate software engineering team is at the forefront of the AI 2.0 and Software 3.0 revolution, a transformative era that is redefining who can develop software, what kind of software is developed, and how it is developed.


Zhenchang Xing

Senior Principle Research Scientist

Qing Huang

Associate Professor

Technical Brains

Cheng Yu

System Engineer

Mulong Xie

PostDoc Researcher

Dehai Zhao

PostDoc Researcher

Jieshan Chen

Research Scientist

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